15 Things You Didn't Know About Olympic Trampoline

It's day eight of the 2012 Games, and Olympic fever is in full force, featuring more than 10,000 athletes competing across 36 different sports. Need a cheat sheet? (We did, too.) We started with beach volleyball, hurdled over to the steeplechase and decathlon, and now we're jumping into a sport that's bound to drop a few jaws. Here are 15 fun facts about the highest flying gymnastics event around: Olympic trampoline. (Tune in on August 3-4 to see it live!).

Photo by Craig Maccubbin

Lady and the Tramp(oline) - The Need-to-Know

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A kangaroo was once involved. In George Nissen's quest to publicize his invention, he rented a kangaroo. After studying the strange marsupial, and (learning the hard way) how not to get kicked, Nissen found he could bounce the kangaroo on the trampoline if he jumped on the other end. In one perfect photographic moment, Nissen was able to hop on the trampoline and jump in tandem with the kangaroo.

To watch U.S.A. Olympic Trampoline hopefuls Savannah Vinsant and Steven Glucksteinon compete in London, tune in to NBC on August 3rd (men's) and August 4th (women's).

Which gymnastics event to you look forward to watching the most? Tell us in the comments below?