7 Apple Cocktails to Throw Back This Fall

We're heading outside to enjoy some sweater weather… and we just might bring a thermos of something to sip on that's a little more adult than cider. Some try to claim that summer fruit makes the best cocktails, but after a peek at these seven apple-based drinks, you'll understand why we're going hardcore (see what we did there?) with Red Delicious, Granny Smith, and McIntosh instead.

1. Cider and Bourbon Cocktail

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Cinnamon-infused cider sounds fancy and complicated, but if you can boil water, you can do it. A bit of orange zest nods to a classic Old Fashioned cocktail, but a sprig of fresh thyme makes this drink completely unique.

2. Green Apple Martini

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Standard appletinis are electric-green with creepy food coloring-not the case in this drink. This classier version uses the fruit itself (skin on, blended into a tart green apple juice) for color. Ginger-infused vodka adds just a hint of spice to offset the sweet and sour apple-lime mixture.

3. Apple and Rosemary Cocktail

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Apples and rosemary are just as good in a cool-weather cocktail as they are in a stuffing. Rye whiskey and bitters tint the drink a fall-like shade of gold, and a splash of fizzy apple soda to finish will please even your brown liquor-hating friends.

4. Apple Shrub Cocktail

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Have you tried shrub yet? Get on it! While a fruit and vinegar drink may sound weird, the sour-sweet mixture is seriously refreshing. Shrub can be sipped on its own (or with a splash of club soda), but we're all about using it as a cocktail base. Bourbon and ginger ale over an apple cider vinegar-based shrub? Yes, please.

5. Apple Cider Sangria

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Whoever thinks sangria is only for summer is just plain wrong. Crisp apples and pears, fresh cider, and a hefty pour of ginger brandy are a super-refreshing base for white wine. Cheers with this bad boy over brunch or happy hour.

6. Cider Moscow Mule

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Plain ol' Moscow Mules are tasty, sure (and can we talk about how obsessed we are with copper Mule mugs?), but just wait until you add cider. The spicy ginger beer blends with the sweet apple seamlessly; add a sprinkle of cinnamon on top, and it's basically fall in a cup.

7. Cider Gin Fizz

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For another edition of classic cocktails gone apple-y, we present this cider gin fizz. Creamy and tart with just a hint of brown sugar and cinnamon syrup, this drink is dessert and a buzz all at once. Afraid of raw egg white or avoiding dairy? Top the drink with whipped aquafaba (or omit the froth altogether) and use coconut milk instead of half-and-half.